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5 Book blogs all Indie Authors should check out.

The world wide web is an valuable tool for any Indie Author out there looking to pick up tips and resources to help on their Self Publishing journey.

I thought it would be a nice idea to compile a list of blogs that can help. Some of the blogs are for marketing, some are for connecting to other authors and some are there to offer tips to reach potential readers of your book.

Throughout the process of writing and publishing your book, you are going to encounter things that you need clarification on or help with. It may be promotion or formatting, it could be how to write an interesting blurb, it could be that you would like to connect with other authors who share your values and goals. Whatever the reason is you need them, book blogs can be such a help and can take a lot of the stress out of navigating the daunting process of Self Publishing.

Remember, you are not alone! There is help out there, you just need to know where to look...


Please check out the links below, and if you feel they have content that would help, make sure you follow them or add them to your bookmark page in your browser.


Joel Friedlander's fantastically helpful blog can guide you through the entire process of writing a book and then navigating the daunting task of marketing it. He and his team cover everything from Promotion, events, editing, social media, book cover design, and everything else you might need to help you on your journey.

K.M. Weiland runs this blog and offers her experience in the would of writing and publishing to help authors navigate the process. She has a Podcast and a newsletter that you can subscribe to, writing tips about layout etc, and a wealth of resources that could help you along the way.

Kirkus reviews is a frequently updated blog that features their latest reviews, resources for authors, and tips and techniques to help any Self-Publishing author. This site is so much more than a book review site, although that is the main premise of the site. If your book is ready, it could be well worth sending it in for a review.

Joanna Penn's brilliant blog has everything you could ever need for help and resources. She has many years experience in the industry and is herself an award winning author. You can find help for editing, book cover design, promotion, writing and lots more. If you only look at one of these links, make it this one!

Here you can find a wealth of information about all aspects of the self publishing journey. It has a comprehensive author resources page, book advertising opportunities, and is a place that authors can connect with each other and share their experiences.


Well, there you have it, not the most extensive list and not a list I have been paid to compile, but a list of helpful blogs that I have personally used and I feel warrant a mention.

Thank you for reading, please check back often for more resources and writing related posts.

If you would like to hear about the journey of fellow Indie Authors that have navigated the Self publishing world, I have a Meet the Authors page. Here you will find fascinating interviews with some of the amazing authors I have worked with.


I run a book cover design agency called Dissect Designs that helps Indie Authors all over the world. I have worked within all genres and i have a great deal of experience creating covers that sell a book

If you would like to see my work or hire me for your novel then please visit and we can talk through your ideas.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your writing adventure!!

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I'm new to design, I started reading your blog, you tell me very interesting thoughts, you can say I'm learning from you. It would be cool if you recorded a short video using how you work. Thank you very much in advance)


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