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Meet the Authors: An interview with Author Nicole Richmond.

Updated: May 11, 2021

I am originally from Washington, D.C. but have called Switzerland my home for the last 15 years. Before jumping the pond I pursued my passions and received a B.A in Fashion Merchandising and worked exclusively in the fashion industry. These days, I am a self-love advocate, freelance content creator, and self-proclaimed shoe addict. However, my most important job is raising my two sons to be nothing like the men in her book. I do most of my work from the comfort of my home in Geneva, Switzerland.


When did you realise that you wanted to write and publish a book?

I have always wanted to write a book, it has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.


Okay, so you have decided to write a book, where did you start? Research? A single idea? Tell us what got the ball rolling.

My life became taken over by the end of my marriage and the impending divorce. I started a blog to write about my feelings as I navigated the high and lows of this harrowing process. It was very cathartic and came very natural to me.


Once you had started, how long did the process take?

It took me about six and half months to complete the manuscript.


What were the things along the way that both helped and hindered you during the writing of this book?

I found an amazing writing group here and Geneva. We met every Friday and it gave me an amazing sense of accountability, which was essential for me.


Did the process of writing this book come naturally to you? Did it run smoothly? Or was it an uphill battle?

Once I committed to writing, the words just flowed. It was incredibly natural, in fact, in retrospect, the writing was the easiest part. All that came after, you know bringing it to life, that was the challenging bit.


Set the scene. When you sat down to write, where were you? What did you need to help you? Did you have a routine with your writing? Tell us what was conducive to a successful writing session.

I did about 75% of my writing at home, sitting on the floor of my living room looking out at the lake and mountains. I always listened to music. Sometimes it triggered memories that I needed to write a particular chapter. Other times, it just provided a rhythm to type to. I found it very helpful to give myself a time, especially if I wasn’t feeling inspired that day. I set a minimum time limit that I had to write for and often times surpassed it.


Did you enjoy the process and is it something that you plan to do again?

I loved it! I am already thinking about the sequel.


Now the book is written, finished and published, is there anything looking back that you would have done differently?

No, not really. Of course, you can always change a sentence, add, or delete something, but overall I am enormously happy with the book.


Did you find the cover design part of the process difficult or enjoyable? And what were the feelings and emotions of handing your creation over to someone else to have the cover designed?

I loved it! I was very, very active in the design. Tim was so helpful and patient. I didn’t feel rushed, and felt completely free to express my wishes. We changed directions a few times, but I felt completely confident that we were going to come up with a stunning design, and we did! I absolutely adore the cover of my book.


Is there any advice that you would like to offer anybody reading this who is currently writing, or thinking of writing a book?

Absolutely. Be scared and do it anyway.

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