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Resources For Indie Authors

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

As a book cover designer I'm passionate about helping Indie authors and self publishers with their projects. I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of resources that have been tried and tested for helping Writers. Following is a list of places where free fonts are available, Writers Websites, and organisations that will help Writers get noticed. I'm not affiliated with any of these organisations, but I do feel the services they offer can be very valuable.


1001 Free Fonts

Da Font

Font Space

Urban Fonts

Font Squirrel

Font Fabric


Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI)

Book Works

Writers Digest

Creative penn


Legend Press

Coach House Books

Coffee House Press

Seven Stories Press

Gray Wolf Press

Well that wraps up this small compilation, I do hope you have found it useful. Obviously there are hundreds of resources out there for Authors and this is only a handful of the ones that I have heard to be useful. A quick search on google is also recommended to help Writers connect with other resources.

Tim Barber

Dissect Designs

I'm a graphic designer specialising in book cover design. I have many years experience designing covers and it is by far one of my true passions in life. Via my website, I offer Bespoke cover designs and a selection of Pre-made covers for both Digital and Print books. I offer a complete one-to-one service at affordable prices.

I'm on a mission to help Indie-Authors have a beautiful cover that they can be proud of and that has as much heart and soul to it as the book it is wrapped around.