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Why Using Twitter Is Good For Your Self Published Book

Twitter. It's that site where you share something within a maximum of 140 characters. With that in mind it can be hard to understand why everyone from Authors to Supermarkets use it daily. The reason why, is the fact it's quick, to the point, easy to read and also, easy to interact. Twitter, is not just for sending out tweets such as "I have a book out". You can share links to your website, where people can buy it, and you can also attach images for people to see it and get to know it. The revolution of twitter's hashtags # also means that you don't have to have thousands of followers to get the tweet seen

Hashtags are things that people search within twitter to find out information, so someone might search #newbook to see what new books are out at the time. It's a way to be seen and heard by people all over the world within 140 characters! 700 million people use twitter yearly and using it to it's full advantage can get you seen within seconds.

Twitter Hastags All Indie Authors Should Use To Promote Their Book:

Twitter Hashtags All Self-Publishing Authors Should Search For Information:

Twitter Hashtags For Promoting Your Book By Genre:

Using the above tweets, add these so people know straight away what Genre The Book Is (For Example: #AmWring #Horror)

Experiment and use hashtags to their full advantage and create your own. You will quickly start to learn what works for you!

But Who Should Indie Authors and Authors Who Are Self-Publishing Follow?










Dissect Designs

I'm a graphic designer specialising in book cover design. I have many years experience designing covers and it is by far one of my true passions in life. Via my website, I offer Bespoke cover designs and a selection of Pre-made covers for both Digital and Print books. I offer a complete one-to-one service at affordable prices.

I'm on a mission to help Indie-Authors have a beautiful cover that they can be proud of and that has as much heart and soul to it as the book it is wrapped around.


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